Screenshot of Binary Break-In being played

Binary Break-In: Crack the binary code, make bank

Learn the binary number system, apply it with bitshifts, get the gold! (C#/Unity)

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Screenshot of Block Knock being played

Block Knock: Key collisions and camera controls

Play with projectiles and physics to clear the table! (C#/Unity)

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Screenshot of Diamond Miner being played

Diamond Miner: Sow gems and bombs in the soil

Chain reactions destroy diamonds, dig discreetly! (C#/Unity)

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Screenshot of Stealthbot being played

Stealthbot: Searching for the Stealthbot

Program relentless enemy AI to pursue the player's Stealthbot! (C#/Unity)

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Screenshot of Fudge Roll being played

Fudge Roll: Supremely sticky sweet

Spawn randomly placed candies, pick them up and grow! (C#/Unity)

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Screenshot of Halo 5 API being played

Halo 5 API: Awesome display of player power

Try out web development with the Halo 5 API to display your stats! (JavaScript)

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Screenshot of Bing Maps API being played

Bing Maps API: Where in the world?

Learn how to add a Bing Map to your web page and find your favorite places with it! (JavaScript/HTML)

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Screenshot of Planetary Pool being played

Planetary Pool: Play with cosmic forces

Learn the finer points of physics and gravitational forces! (C#/Unity)

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Screenshot of Rocket Launch Sim being played

Rocket Launch Sim: It's rocket science

Learn about rocket physics and apply them to your launch. (C#/Unity)

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Screenshot of Sylvan Sprinter being played

Sylvan Sprinter: Take flight through the forest

Challenge this elven runner with obstacles as they race through the forest! (HTML5/JavaScript)

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Screenshot of Bee Control being played

Bee Control: Bee a good friend

Grow the hive by guiding bees safely home. (C#/Unity)

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